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Texas Ais (Hais, Haish, Ayis)

The Ais Indians were a Caddoan band of East Texas, closely associated with the Hasinai. Their language was never recorded, but was said to be distinct from (although probably related to) the Caddo language. The Texas Ais do not exist as a tribal entity today. Many of them were forced to move to Oklahoma along with the Wichitas, while others were absorbed into the Caddo tribe.

There was also a tribe in Florida known as "Ais," unrelated to the Texas tribe. You can learn more about the Florida Ais tribe here.

Alternate spellings that have been used for the Texas Ais have been Eyeish, Haish, Hais, Ays, Ayis, Ayish, and Aays.

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Texas Ais Culture and History Links

Eyeish Tribe of Texas:
    Article on the Eyeish Indians from the Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico.
Texas Beyond History: Who Were the Ais?:
    Ais historical and archaeological information.
Hais Tribe:
    Wikipedia article on the Hais Indians.
Texas Ais Indians:
    Another article on Ayish Indian history.
Four Directions: Eyeish:
    Timeline and links about the Eyeish tribe.

Books for sale on the Texas Ais Indians
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Caddo Indians: Where We Come From:
    History of the Caddo bands, including the Hais or Ais.
Mission Dolores de los Ais:
    Book on the archaeology of the Ais tribe and history of the Spanish mission of San Augustine.
Life among the Texas Indians:
    Oral history from Caddoan and other Native Texan people resettled in Oklahoma.

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