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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Wintu Words

Welcome to our Wintu vocabulary page! Wintu, also known as Wintun, is an indigenous language of California. Some linguists consider it a relative of the Penutian language family, related to other languages like Maidu and Miwok. We have included twenty basic Wintu words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. If you need to know a Wintu word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our translation of Native American languages fundraiser or visit our main Wintu language site for more free resources.

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Wintu Word Sets

English (Français) Nomlaki Patwin Wintu
One (Un) K'etem Eteta K'ete·t
Two (Deux) Palet Pampata Pa·l
Three (Trois) Panoł Ponohlta Panuł
Four (Quatre) Tławi Emusta Ł'awit
Five (Cinq) Čansem Etesemta Č'ansem
Man (Homme) Win Wita Wi·ta
Woman (Femme) Daki Paakita P'o·qta
Dog (Chien) Sukut Haiyu Suku
Sun (Soleil) Tuku Wiliwerus Sas
Moon (Lune) Čenał Sanar Čipisas
Water (Eau) Mem Mem Me·m
Sing (Chanter)     C'a·wa

Click here to see Wintu vocabulary words compared to words in related Penutian languages: Penutian Indian Words

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