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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Yukian Words

Some linguists have suggested the two California Indian languages Wappo and Yuki may be related. Of course, it is the structure of the two languages they are looking at most closely, not just vocabulary, but here is a short comparative vocabulary chart for the two languages for those who are interested.

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Yukian Word Set

English (Français) Wappo Yuki
One (Un) Pawa Panwi
Two (Deux) Hopi' Opi
Three (Trois) Hopo'ka Molmi
Four (Quatre) Ola Omahant
Five (Cinq) Kata Huiko
Man (Homme) 'Éwi' Iwop
Woman (Femme) Met'ai Musp
Dog (Chien) Tsu'itsu Hansom
Sun (Soleil) Hina Pilant
Moon (Lune) Hina Lashkawohl
Water (Eau) Me'i Uk

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