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Native American Legends: Bootup (Putup)

Name: Bootup
Tribal affiliation: Abenaki, Penobscot, Micmac, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy
Alternate spellings: Putup, Podab, Podoba, Putep
Pronunciation: Boo-dup
Type: Whale

Bootup the whale is a minor character of Wabanaki folklore associated with the culture hero Glooskap, who often rides on Bootup's back when traveling by sea (illustrating Glooskap's giant stature.) In some stories Glooskap repays Bootup's service by giving the whale his pipe, which is the origin of the spray that comes from the blowholes of whales. Bootup is male in some legends, female in others, and has unspecified gender most of the time.

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Bootup Stories

*How Glooscap Found Summer: * Glooscap and the Wizard:
    Wabanaki Indian stories in which the culture hero tricks Bootup, then repays the whale with a pipe to smoke.

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