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Native American Legends: Kaqtukaq

Name: Kaqtukaq
Tribal affiliation: Mi'kmaq
Alternate spellings: Gaqtugaq, Gaqtugwaq. The singular form is Kaqtukwewe'sn (Gaqtugwewe'sm, Gaqtugwewesm, Gaqtugawesm.)
Pronunciation: similar to kakh-too-gakh
Also known as: Bemagijik
Type: Native American nature spirit, thunder, lightning
Related figures in other tribes: Seven Thunders, the Thunderbirds, Thunderers

The Kaqtukaq are Mi'kmaq storm spirits. They are fierce warriors and thunder is caused by the sound of their battles, while lightning flashes from their eyes. Although the Kaqtukaq are associated with birds, they usually appear in human form (generally as men with with bird's wings), and in some stories their clan intermarries with Indian people.

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