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Native American Witches of Myth and Legend

Names of American Indian Witches from Various Tribes

Jug-Woman (Wabanaki Indian witch)
Skadegamutc (Wabanaki Indian witch)
Squant (Wampanoag Indian witch)
*Stikini (Seminole Indian witch)

Native American Witch Stories

*White Owl's Escape from the Witches:
    A young Penobscot hero elopes with the daughter of an evil night witch, and defeats her with the help of the Thunders.
*An Abenaki Witch Story * The Lost Hunters:
    Wabanaki stories about a man killed by a ghost witch.
*Glooskap and the Witch:
    Micmac Indian witch legend about the origin of the first shark.
*Big Eater's Wife:
    Pequot legend about a witch who killed her husband.
*The Man They Cannot Hold:
    Lenape legend about a witch who used her magic to commit a murder, but died herself.
*Thabeeszus, an Eehnkhanzee Medicine Man * Moshquashies and the Witch:
    Metis legends about magical fights between medicine men and greedy witches.
*The Deserted Children:
    Gros Ventre legend about two abandoned children who escape from a deadly witch and gain powers.
*Flying Wonder:
    Cree legend about a witch taking the form of a raven to take revenge on his inlaws.

Recommended Books about Witches in Native American Mythology

When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror:
    Collection of stories about the Penobscot witch Toad Woman and other Native American monsters.
Witchcraft and Sorcery of the American Native Peoples:
    Interesting book exploring witchcraft in the Americas and the difference between Indian doctors and witches.
Wizards and Witches:
    Good kids' collection of witch stories from world mythology, including Native American lore.

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