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Native American Legends: Stikini

Name: Stikini
Tribal affiliation: Seminole
Alternate spellings: Stigini, Ishtikini
Pronunciation: stee-kee-nee
Also known as: Man-Owl
Type: Owl spirit, monster
Related figures in other tribes: Cipelaq (Maliseet), Big Owl (Apache)

The Stikini are sinister monsters from Seminole folklore. Originally they were evil witches, who transformed themselves into owl-beings. By day they still resemble Seminole people, but by night, they vomit up their souls (along with all their internal organs) and become undead owl-monsters that feed on human hearts. In some Seminole communities speaking their name is thought to put you at risk for turning into one, so Stikini stories are only told by certain medicine people. In other communities, they have been spoken of more casually as bogeymen to frighten children.

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