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Native American Legends: Atosee (A:tosi)

Name: Atosee
Tribal affiliation: Koasati, Alabama
Alternate spellings: Atosi, A:tosi, Aatosi, Aatilhichi'kso, A:tilhicikso, Ati ilhicikso, Aatilhichikso, Atilhiciksosi, Aatsa'wwasi hich'kso, Aatosi ilhichikso
Pronunciation: ah-toh-see
Also known as: Pygmies
Type: American Indian little people
Related figures in other tribes: Yunwi Tsunsdi (Cherokee), Wild Indians (Catawba), Bohpoli (Choctaw)

The Atosee are the little people of Alabama and Koasati folklore. They have peculiar powers: things that are small and easy to humans are large and difficult to them, and things that are large and difficult to humans are small and easy to them.

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Atosee Stories

*The Pygmies:
    Alabama Indian legend about the Atosee.

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