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Native American Legends: Kumsnootl

Name: Kumsnootl
Tribal affiliation: Comox
Alternate spellings: Kumsno'otl, Kumsno'ol
Pronunciation: koom-snow-olth
Type: Transformer god, culture hero
Related figures in other tribes: The Wanderer (Alsea), Cikla (Chinook)

Kumsnootl is a Transformer figure, a type of mythic hero common to the culture of many Northwest Coast tribes. In Comox legend, Kumsnootl brought balance to the world by using his powers to change people, animals, and the landscape into the forms they have today. His name means "Our Elder Brother," but he is sometimes also known as the Changer.

Kumsnootl Stories

The Legends of Big Rock:
    Comox legends about the origins of a landmark, including one about Kumsno'otl defeating an octopus monster.

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Salish Myths and Legends:
    Anthology of legends and traditional stories from the Comox and other Salish tribes.

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