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Native American Legends: Tamosi (the Ancient One)

Name: Tamosi
Tribal affiliation: Caribs
Alternate spellings: Tamuchi, Tamosi Kabutana , Tamosi Kabo-Tano
Pronunciation: varies by tribe, most commonly tah-moh-see
Also known as: The Ancient One, Sky-Chief, Old-Man-Sky, Grandfather Sky, Ancient One of the Sky
Type: Indian creator gods, high gods
Related figures in other tribes: Kururumany (Arawak), Gitchie Manitou (Anishinabe)

Tamosi is the great Creator god of the Carib tribe. His name means "the Ancient One"; sometimes the longer name Tamosi Kabutana or Tamosi Kabo-Tano is used ("Ancient One of the Sky.") Tamosi is not personified in Carib myth and indeed is said never to have been seen by mortal man.

Tamosi Stories

The First People:
    Carib legends about Tamosi Kabo-tano, Amalivaca, and the beginning of civilization.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Rain Forest Literatures: Amazonian Texts and Latin American Culture:
    An interesting compilation of traditional Arawak, Carib, and Guarani stories.
Guyana Legends: Folk Tales of the Indigenous Amerindians:
    Good collection of Cariban and Arawakan mythology from Guyana.

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