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Indian Tribes and Languages of the Caribbean Culture Area

Caribbean Culture Area

This is an index to the Native American language and cultural information on our website pertaining to tribes of the Caribbean culture area.

Please note that while this region is referred to as the "Caribbean culture area" or sometimes the "Circum-Caribbean culture area," this is an anthropological designation, not a geographical one. As you can see from the map, most of this culture area is located in Central and South America, not just on the Caribbean islands. If you're looking for a list of languages spoken on the Caribbean islands themselves, click here.

Tribes of the Caribbean Culture Group

*Arawak Tribe
*Bogota Tribe
*Boruca Tribe
*Bribri Tribe
*Buglere Tribe
*Cabecar Tribe
*Carib Tribe
*Caquetio tribe
*Changuena Tribe
*Corobici Tribe
*Cueva Tribe
*Cuna Tribe
*Dorasque Tribe
*Garifuna Tribe
*Guajiro Tribe
*Guaymi Tribe
*Huetar Tribe
*Inyeri Tribe
*Island Carib Tribe
*Maleku Tribe
*Miskito Tribe
*Paraujano Tribe
*Pech Tribe
*Rama Tribe
*Shebayo Tribe
*Taino Tribe
*Teribe Tribe
*Voto Tribe

Recommended books about Native Americans of the Caribbean culture area:
(Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links)

*The Indigenous People of the Caribbean: Excellent introduction to the native people of the Caribbean culture area.
*Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles: Interesting book on the extinct languages of the Caribbean islands.
*The Archaeology of the Caribbean: Book on ancient Caribbean civilizations and their migrations.
*Liberties Lost: The Indigenous Caribbean and Slave Systems: Caribbean history from the indigenous and Afro-Caribbean perspectives.

Other resources about American Indian history, culture and society in the Caribbean culture area:

Indigenous Languages of the Caribbean:
    Information on the native languages of Caribbean Indians.
Caribbean Indigenous and Endangered Languages:
    Homepage of an organization working to preserve Caribbean Indian and Creole languages and cultures.
Review of the Indigenous Caribbean:
    Online journal of cultural information about the Native people of the Caribbean..
Central America and the Caribbean: Native Peoples:
    Timeline and photographs of indigenous Caribbean art.
Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society:
    Online museum exhibit of Caribbean Amerindian idols, pottery, and petroglyphs.
Museum of Antigua and Barbuda: Prehistory
    Pictures and information about ancient Arawak houses, dress, pottery, and cultural traditions.
Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink:
    Directory of websites pertaining to native Caribbean cultures throughout the West Indies and northern South America.
Indigenous Caribbean Network:
    Social networking site for Caribbean native people and their supporters.
Caribbean Archaeology:
    Articles on traditional lifestyles in Caribbean cultures of Suriname, Aruba, and St. Eustatius.
Native American Nations in the Caribbean:
    Photos and information about the Arawak, Taino and Carib tribes.

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