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Native American Legends: Tie-Snake

Name: Tie-Snake
Tribal affiliation: Creek, Natchez, Tuscarora
Also known as: Tie Snake, Hoop-Snake, Hoop Snake, Ti'karenweh
Type: Lake monster, serpent
Related figures in other tribes: Underwater Panther (Midwestern tribes), Big Water Snake (Blackfoot)

Tie-Snakes are mythological water spirits common to the folklore of Southeastern tribes. They are the size and shape of an ordinary snake, but have immense strength and deadly poison. In Creek stories, Tie-Snakes lived underwater and were feared for their ability to catch humans and drag them underwater to drown. In the tales of other tribes, Tie-Snakes were land monsters who traveled swiftly by biting their own tail and rolling like a hoop.

Tie-Snake Stories

*Adventure with a Tie-Snake:
    Creek legend about a hunter nearly killed by a tie-snake.
*King of the Tie-Snakes * Legend of the Tie-Snakes:
    Creek legend about a young man who won the help of the tie-snakes.
*Tie-Snake and Rabbit * Tug of War Between The Tie Snakes * Man-Eater and Tie-Snake:
    Creek and Hitchiti legends about the trickster Rabbit fooling tie-snakes.

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