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Native American Serpents of Myth and Legend

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about serpents.

Names of American Indian Sea Serpents and Other Serpentine Monsters from Various Tribes

Apotamkin (Passamaquoddy sea serpent)
Atosis (Maliseet Indian serpent)
Big Water Snake (Blackfoot Indian serpent)
Caddaja (Caddo Indian serpent)
Chepechcalm (Micmac Indian serpent)
Gitaskogak (Abenaki Indian serpent)
Great Serpent (Anishinabe Indian serpent)
Gux (Ahtna sea serpent)
Hoop Snake (Southeast Indian serpent)
Horned serpent (Eastern Native American serpent)
Maxa'xâk (Lenape Indian serpent)
Mehne (Cheyenne Indian serpent)
Mneto (Kickapoo Indian serpent)
Onyare (Iroquois Indian serpent)
Owner Of Waters (Arapaho Indian serpent)
Quetzalcoatl (Aztec Indian serpent god)
Sint Holo (Choctaw Indian serpent)
*Uncegila (Lakota Indian serpent)
*Unktena (Cherokee Indian serpent)
Weewillmekq (Maliseet Indian serpent)

Native American Sea Serpent Stories

*Great Serpent and the Great Flood:
    Chippewa legend about Nanabozho slaying a horned serpent.
*Thunder Son:
    Shawnee story about a woman who unwittingly married a Great Serpent.
*Jipijka'm and Weewillmekq':
    A Wabanaki sea serpent story.
*Iyash and the Spirit Serpent * Thunder Mountain:
    Algonquian Indian legends about Thunderbirds battling giant serpents.
*Champy, the Canadian Lake Monster * Champ and Other Local Legends * Champ History From Ancient Times:
    Abenaki Indian lake serpent mythology and its connection to the modern folk monster Champ.
*Shawnee Mythology:
    Overview of Shawnee oral traditions, including two Great Serpent tales.
*The Moon and the Great Snake:
    Blackfoot story about a giant serpent that was punished for flirting with the moon.
*The Rolling Head * Case of the Severed Head:
    Cheyenne legends about an adulterous water serpent.
*The Warrior That Ate The Horned Snake:
    Blackfoot tale about a man who offended the Horned Snakes and was turned into one as punishment.
*The Dangerous Water Monster:
    Caddo legends about lake and river serpents.

Recommended Books Including Giant Serpent Myths
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*Tales of the Plumed Serpent: Aztec, Inca and Mayan Myths * Legends of the Feathered Serpent: Biography of a Mexican God:
    Two interesting books on the meaning of flying serpents in Mexican, Central and South American mythology.
The Sea Serpent's Daughter:
    Picture book based on a Brazilian Indian serpent legend about the origin of the nighttime.
Lake Monster Mysteries:
    Interesting book considering the origin of lake serpent legends in Native American and other world mythology.
Encyclopedia of Lake and River Monsters:
    A thorough reference book on water-serpent monsters in all corners of the world.

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