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Native American Legends: Unktehila (Unktehi, Uncegila)

Name: Unktehila
Tribal affiliation: Dakota, Lakota
Alternate spellings: Uncegila, Unhcegila, Unktehi
Pronunciation: varies by dialect. Unktehila is pronounced oonk-tay-hee-lah.
Type: Horned serpent, snake spirit
Related figures in other tribes: Uk'tena (Cherokee), Great Serpent (Ojibway), Mehne (Cheyenne), Apotamkin (Passamaquoddy)

Unktehila is the horned water serpent of Lakota and Dakota mythology. It is the diametrical opponent of the Thunderbird Wakinyan, and there are many legends about epic fights between the two.

Unktehila Stories

*Uncegila's Seventh Spot:
    Lakota Indian legend about the water monster Uncegila.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Sons of the Wind:
    Good collection of Sioux legends told by a Lakota author.

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