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Legendary Native American Figures: Yelis (Yeilis)

Name: Yelis
Tribal affiliation: Coos, Alsea
Alternate spellings: Yéilis, Yeilis, Ye'lis
Pronunciation:yay-leese or yay-liss
Also known as: Coyote
Type: Animal spirits, transformer heroes, tricksters, coyotes
Related figures in other tribes: Coyote (Western)

Yelis is Coyote, the culture hero of the Coos, Alsea, and other tribes of the Oregon coast. Although Yelis behaves as a trickster character in some Coos stories, he is also a more serious transformer figure who teaches the people how to live and helps shape the world for them, and therefore he was a respected figure among the Oregon Coast tribes.

Yelis Stories

*The Universal Change:
    Alsea myth about Yelis (Coyote) inventing games and naming the animals.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends

Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country:
    Excellent collection of folklore from the Oregon tribes.

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