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Native American Legends: Moskim (Moshking)

Name: Moskim
Tribal affiliation: Lenape, Munsee, Mohican
Alternate spellings: Mooshkiingw, Mooskim, Moshkim, Moshking, Mo'skem
Pronunciation: Varies by dialect: usually moh-skeem, moh-shkeeng, or moo-shkeeng
Also known as: Tschimammus (pronounced chuh-mah-muss), Hare
Type: Hero, rabbit
Related figures in other tribes: Glooskap (Wabanaki), Nanabozho (Anishinabe), Wesakaychak (Cree)

Moskim (also known as Tchimammus) is Rabbit, the benevolent culture hero of the Lenape tribes (sometimes referred to as a "transformer" by folklorists.) Not many stories about Moskim are still told today, but he seems to have shared some similarities with other Algonquian heroes such as Nanabozho and Glooskap. In some legends Moskim is even referred to by the Ojibwe name "Nanapush," although this may have been a case of the white folklorist confusing different tribal traditions rather than an actual cultural borrowing. Like other culture heroes of the Northeast Woodlands, Moskim was sometimes said to have had a deadly younger brother named Flint who killed their mother in childbirth and remained adversarial to Moskim thereafter.

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