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Native American Legends: Ahone (Rawottonemd)

Name: Ahone
Tribal affiliation: Powhatan
Pronunciation: Uncertain (the Powhatan language is no longer spoken and is known by only a few texts), but considering the spellings Strachey used in recording other Indian words, ah-hone is a good guess.
Also known as: Rawottonemd
Type: High god, Creator
Related figures in other tribes: Gitche Manitou (Ojibwe), Kiehtan (Wampanoag), Tabaldak (Abenaki)

Ahone is the great creator god of the Powhatan tribe, sometimes known as the Great Spirit or Creator in English. Like most Algonquian high deities, Ahone appears to have been an abstract, benevolent creating spirit who was not personified in folklore (and probably did not have a gender.) Christian missionaries arrived early to the Powhatan tribe and had a large influence on their culture, causing Ahone to become equated with the Christian God and take on the masculine English pronoun "he."

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