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Native American Legends: Gwelab'hot (Turn Over)

Name: Gwelab'hot
Tribal affiliation: Wabanaki
Alternate spellings: Gwelahb'hot, Gwelhb'hot, Gwelebat, Gwelebato, Kelphit, Koolpejot, Gulbajut, Kulpajut, Kulpujot, Cool-puj-ot, Kjoolput
Pronunciation: Varies by language. In Penobscot, his name is pronounced gwuh-luh-bott.
Also known as: Turn Over, Father of Medicine
Type: Nature spirit, herbs

Gwelab'hot was a medicine child born to a Wabanaki maiden after she swallowed a magical root. His Penobscot name means "Turn Over," and he is sometimes known by this English name, or as Father of Medicine. He cured the sick and taught the people the secrets of herbalism. In the Mi'kmaq tribe, Turn Over is also associated with the changing of the seasons.

Gwelab'hot Stories

*Arrowhead Finger:
    Penobscot story of Gwelab'hot and his mother.
*Origin of the Medicine Man:
    Passamaquoddy legends about Turn Over.

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