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Native American Rock Mythology

Stone is also used as a clan symbol in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Stone Clans include the Hopi tribe and the Pueblo tribes.

Native American Rock Gods and Spirits

Flint (Iroquois)
Inyan (Sioux)
*Nokumi (Mi'kmaq)
Stone-clad (Cherokee)
*Stone Coats (Iroquois)
Stone-Rollers (Iroquois)

Native American Legends About Rocks

*Nukumi and Fire:
    Mi'kmaq legend about how an ancient rock became the first grandmother.
*Spirit Rock * The Legend of Spirit Rock:
    Menominee legends about a man who wished for too much and was turned into a rock.
The Men Who Visited the Sun:
    Potawatomi legend about the origin of the first stone.
The Rock People, Laurel People, and the Dogwood People:
    Cherokee Indian legend telling of the three clans of Little People.
*Chahnameed Squeezes the Stone:
    Mohegan folktale about a trickster convincing people he could squeeze water from a stone.
*Legend of the Haimoni Stone:
    Pequot legends about a magic stone and the mythical prehistoric culture that made it.
*Splinter Foot Girl:
    Arapaho Indian legend telling how rocks became inanimate.
*Bitter Spirit and the Stone:
    Swampy Cree legend about a rock punishing the trickster hero for taunting it.
*Buffalo and Eagle Wing:
    Blackfoot Indian legend about the origin of rocks.
*The Sacred Buffalo Stone * The Buffalo Rock:
    Blackfoot legends about iniskim, the magical buffalo stone.
*Why Curlew Has A Crooked Bill * How Nighthawk Got His Fine Clothes:
    Blackfoot stories about Old-Man's hijinks getting him crushed by boulders.

Recommended Books of Rock Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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*The Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden:
    Lovely children's book about the importance of the sacred corn-grinding stone to Navajo culture.
Raccoon's Last Race:
    Charming picture book illustrating an Abenaki legend about Raccoon unwisely picking a fight with a big rock.
*The Growing Rock: A Native American Tale:
    Picture book based on a Miwok legend about a magical rock that teaches responsibility.

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