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Native American Legends: Mink (Pacific Northwest)

Name: Mink
Tribal affiliation: Saanich, Comox, Lummi
Type: Indian god, mink spirit, trickster
Related figures in other tribes: Raven (Northwest)

Mink is a Northwest Coast trickster character. In some tribes, Mink overlaps with Raven, so that some typical Raven adventures are told with Mink as the protagonist instead. However, compared with Raven, Mink is a more negative character who primarily embodies traits that are looked down upon by Northwest Coast people (greed, recklessness, arrogance, inappropriate sexual behavior, poor hygiene, etc.) Stories about Mink are often humorous, but also are cautionary tales about how not to behave.

Northwest Coast Mink Stories

*Mink and Whale:
    Puget Sound Salish legend about the adventures of the trickster Mink.

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