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Native American Legends: Pulowech (Plawej)

Name: Pulowech
Tribal affiliation: Micmacs
Alternate spellings: Pulawej, Plawej, Pilawej, Pulowwech, Blawech
Pronunciation: puh-lah-wetch
Type: Hero, partridge

Pulowech is a hero of Micmac folklore. His name is usually translated as Partridge in English (our Mi'kmaq volunteer says the name literally means "ruffed grouse"), and he is identified as a bird warrior in many stories (his family members also have the names of birds). However, like many animal heroes of Woodlands Indian mythology, Pulowech is usually described as having the form of a human man during his adventures. Pulowech was probably originally a clan hero of the Mi'kmaq Bird or Feather clans.

Pulowech Stories

*The Adventures of the Great Hero Pulowech * Robbery And Murder Revenged:
    Two versions of the Mi'kmaq epic in which Pulowech tracks down and kills his wife's murderers.

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    Excellent anthology of stories, songs, and oral history from the Mi'kmaq and other Algonquian tribes.
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