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Vocabulary Words in the Wakashan Language Family

These Wakashan words are not spelled phonetically--each word is spelled according to the orthography of its own language, so if you're not familiar with these languages you will need to follow the links to see how to pronounce them. We are working on a second chart transcribed into IPA symbols. We have included twenty basic Wakashan Indian words, enough to give you a feeling for each language. All the nouns are singular and all the verbs are 3rd person singular ("he or she sings") because many Native American languages don't have a separate infinitive ("to sing") the way English and French do.

If you would like to know a Wakashan word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our American Indian translations fundraiser or visit our main Wakashan languages site for more free resources.

Thanks for your interest in American Indian languages!

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Wakashan Word Sets

Northern Wakashan Southern Wakashan
English (Français) Haisla Heiltsuk Kwakiutl Makah Nootka
one (un) n'aukw m'ən nem 'cakwa∙'ak c'awa'
two (deux) màlaukw mał ma'ł atł 'ała
three (trois) yudùkw yudukw yudxw wi∙ qacc'a
four (quatre) muukw mukw mu bu∙ muu
five (cinq) sk'aukw sk'aukw sek'a šu'č suč'a
man (homme) wìsəm wisəm wisəm ła∙uk čakup
woman (femme) ğənəm ğənəm gnəm xad'ak łuuc
dog (chien) w'às w'ac' w'as 'qidi∙tł 'iniił
sun (soleil) n'aqwəla   ł'isla daka∙ ł'uup'in
moon (lune)   n'usi m'kwla daka∙ hupał
water (eau) w'ap w'apa w'ap ča'ak č'a'ak
white (blanc) mùqwa muqwa m'la 'tłisuk łisuk
yellow (jaune) tìҳsdu tixa muqwa xusboxuk xicp'iqak
red (rouge) ł'àqwa l'aqwa l'aqwa 'tłiuk ł'ixw
black (noir) c'ùłəla dabənt or c'uła c'uła tupkuk tupkuk
eat (manger) həmsa həmsa həmsa ha'u∙ haw'a
see (voir) dùqwəla duqwəla duqwla dač'oł n'ač
sing (chanter) həna nəna nla dudu∙ nuu
leave (partir) bua bua bau wuha wah

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