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Gros Ventre Culture and History (A'aninin)

As a complement to our Gros Ventre language information, we would like to share our directory of indexed links regarding the Gros Ventre people and various aspects of their society. The emphasis of these pages is on American Indians as a living people who have a present and a future as well as a past. Gros Ventre history is interesting and important, but the Gros Ventre are still here today, too, and we have tried to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and the issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

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Our Gros Ventre Websites

Gros Ventre Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Gros Ventre Indian language.
Gros Ventre Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers about Gros Ventre culture.
Gros Ventre Legends:
    Collection of Gros Ventre Indian legends and folktales.

Gros Ventre Tribal and Community Links

Fort Belknap Nations:
    Official homepage of the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre tribes.
Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council:
    Coalition of ten Indian tribes in Montana and Wyoming, including Fort Belknap.
Aaniiih Nakoda College:
    Homepage of the Fort Belknap tribal college.
Hays-Lodge Pole Schools:
    Fort Belknap primary school system.
Fort Belknap:
    Community profile on the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre people of Montana.
Harlem Fort Belknap Casino:
    Homepage of the Gros Ventre-Assiniboine tribal casino.

Books for sale on the Gros Ventre tribe
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Ethnology of the Gros Ventre:
    Alfred Kroeber's definitive ethnography of the Gros Ventres.
The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge:
    Biography of a 19th-century Gros Ventre pipe carrier by his daughter, Garter Snake.
Wolf and the Winds:
    Biography of Gros Ventre spiritual leader Frozen Water.
Catch Colt:
    Autobiography of a mixed-blood Gros Ventre man.
The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts * Robes of Splendor * Powwow:
    Artistic books on Plains Indian life by A'ane museum curators George and Joseph Horse Capture.
Shared Symbols, Contested Meanings: Power and Performance in Gros Ventre War Expedition Songs:
    Anthropology/sociology books on the Gros Ventre Indians.
Fools Crow * The Heartsong of Charging Elk * Winter in the Blood * The Indian Lawyer:
    The Death of Jim Loney * Killing Custer * Riding the Earthboy 40:
    Books by Blackfoot/Gros Ventre writer James Welch.
Captured in the Middle:
    Theory of Native American literature by a Gros Ventre writer.
Aaniiih and Nakoda Speeches:
    Interesting book about Gros Ventre and Assiniboine oratory and ceremonial language.
Handbook of North American Indians: Plains Indians:
    Extensive ethnography of the Gros Ventre and neighboring Indians.

Maps of Gros Ventre Lands

Tribes in Montana:
    Tribal maps showing the original lands where the Gros Ventre Indians and their neighbors lived before colonization.
Montana Tribal Land:
    Map showing the location of the Fort Belknap reservation today.

Gros Ventre Lifestyle and Tradition

The Gros Ventre of Montana:
    Gros Ventre cultural and historical information, with pictures and links.
The Atsina:
    Edward Curtis' early 20th-century ethnography of the Atsina (Gros Ventre) Indians.
Gros Ventre:
    Overview of Gros Ventre culture, traditions, and history.
Gros Ventre Warrior Shirt * American Indian Clothes * Feather Headdress * Indian Hair:
    Sketches of traditional Arapaho clothing and other Plains Indian dress.
    Pictures and descriptions of traditional Gros Ventre-style homes.
Hoop and Pole Game:
    Traditional games for Gros Ventre children.
Fort Belknap Indian Community Profile:
    Demographic information about the Gros Ventres and Assiniboines of Fort Belknap.
    Demographic information and links about the Gros Ventres.
Gros Ventre Tribe:
    Essay about Gros Ventre culture including kinship and religion.
Hoop and Dart Game * Buzzer Game:
    Traditional games for Gros Ventre children.
Gros Ventre Ethnobotany:
Information on the traditional uses of plants in the A'ane tribe.
Indian Religion Facts:
    Advice for people researching traditional Gros Ventre religion and other American Indian spirituality.
Gros Ventre Legends:
    Collection of Gros Ventre Indian legends and folktales.
Access Genealogy: Atsina Indian Tribe:
    Article on Gros Ventre history and ancestry.
Native Ancestry:
    Direction for those seeking Gros Ventre and other American Indian ancestors online.
Gros Ventre Biographical Sketches:
    Biographies of nineteen Arikara and Gros Ventre Indian men from the 19th century.
Seven Visions of Bull Lodge * The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge:
    19th-century Gros Ventre pipe carrier Bull Lodge.
Old Indian Ways of Knowing the Weather:
    Collection of Gros Ventre and other tribal folk beliefs about predicting the winter.
Gros Ventre Place Names:
    Essay about Gros Ventre placenames in Montana, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Wyoming.
Gros Ventre Cultural Objects:
    Museum exhibit with photos of Gros Ventre beadwork, quilts and other artifacts.
Atsina Chiefs * Atsina Campground * Moving Camp * Atsina Fly Dance:
    Historic photographs of Gros Ventre traditional life.

Gros Ventre Literature and Arts

Native American Authors: James Welch * James Welch * Fools Crow * The Heartsong of Charging Elk:
    Winter in the Blood * The Indian Lawyer * The Death of Jim Loney * Killing Custer:
    Riding the Earthboy 40 * Interview with James Welch:
    Blackfoot/Gros Ventre writer James Welch.
A'ani Authors:
    Gros Ventre writers, their lives and work.
Native American Arts and Crafts:
    Information, images and links about Gros Ventre and other native art.

Gros Ventre Politics, Issues, and News

Fort Belknap Sues to Stop Mine Work: * Gold Mine Timeline:
    News articles about the exploitative history of gold mining on the Fort Belknap reservation.
Fort Belknap Indian Community Water Compact:
    Montana legislation to protect the tribal water and fishing rights of the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre people.
Firing up White Clay: * Preserving a Native language:
    Articles about the White Clay Immersion School and Aani language revival program.

Gros Ventre History Links

Fort Belknap History: * Fort Belknap Reservation:
    History of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and its people (Assiniboine and Gros Ventre).
The Gros Ventres:
    Historical overview of the Gros Ventre people.
Treaty of 1855:
    Texts of historical treaties between the US government and the Gros Ventre Indians.
Four Directions: Gros Ventre:
    Timeline and links about Gros Ventre history.

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

  Encyclopedia of World Cultures: Gros Ventre * Wikipedia: Gros Ventres:
  Encyclopedia entries about the Gros Ventre Indians.
  Les Atsinas ou Gros Ventres du Canada * Le Gros Ventre:
  Information about the Gros Ventres in French.
  Los Atsina:
  Information about the Gros Ventres in Spanish.
  Gros Ventre Indians: * Gros Ventre Resources:
  Gros Ventre links.

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