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Native American Legends: Keri

Name: Keri
Also spelled: Kerri
Tribal affiliation: Bakairi
Pronunciation: kare-ee
Type: Indian culture hero, creator god, transformer, magical twin
Related figures in other tribes: Mopo and Ikujuri (Apalai)

Keri is one of the twin creator gods of the Bakairi tribe. Together with his brother Kame, Keri adapted the world for humans to live on, and taught them to use fire and hunt.

Keri Stories

*The Miraculous Twins:
    Bakairi legend about the birth and life of the twin heroes Keri and Kame.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Bakairi Indians of Brazil: Politics, Ecology, and Change:
    Interesting book about Bakairi culture and history including the Bakairi creation myth.

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