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Native American Legends: Ababinili

Name: Ababinili
Tribal affiliation: Chickasaw
Alternate spellings: Aba Binili, Aba-Binili, Ubabeneli
Pronunciation: uh-ba-bin-ih-lee
Also known as: Inki Abu
Type: High god, Creator, sun god
Related figures in other tribes: Unetlanvhi (Cherokee), Gitchy Manitou (Ojibway), Ahone (Powhatan)

Ababinili is the Creator God of the Chickasaw tribe. His name means "one who sits above" or "dwells above," and he is associated with the Sun. Ababinili is considered to be a divine spirit with no human form or attributes and is not normally personified in Chickasaw myths.

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Ababinili Stories

*Ababinili and the Humans:
    Chickasaw myth about Ababinili assigning the elements different roles to play in the lives of men and women.
*Religious Beliefs of the Chickasaws:
    Article about Ababinili and the sacredness of fire.

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