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Native American Legends: Breathmaker

Name: Breathmaker
Tribal affiliation: Seminole
Alternate spellings: Breath Maker, Breath-Maker
Native name: Hisagita Misa
Pronunciation: hee-sah-gee-tah mee-sah
Type: High god, Creator
Related figures in other tribes: Ababinili (Cherokee), Ugv (Cherokee), Gitchi Manitou (Ojibway)

Breathmaker is the Creator God of the Seminole tribe. He made the people out of clay and taught them the arts of civilization. He is associated with the Milky Way, which he created as his own home and which is considered to be the afterlife in traditional Seminole cosmology. After colonization, some Seminole people began to associate Breathmaker with Jesus and the Milky Way with Heaven.

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Breathmaker Stories

*Breathmaker and the Milky Way:
    Seminole myth about Breathmaker's creation of the Milky Way.

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