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Native American Art Identification Queries

We have gotten several requests to identify Native American artwork from photographs. This is not our field of specialty and in most cases we cannot accurately identify or appraise arts and crafts from photographs, but we are glad to post the pictures on our site (as well as whatever information you would like to share about them) to see whether anyone may recognize them. So far, here are the pictures that have been sent to us, along with what we've been able to guess about them to date:

Mohawk pottery (identified!)
Algonquin design
Crow Indian painting (identified!)
Oklahoma Indian doll (partially identified)
Portrait of an Osage warrior, Me-Chet-Sa (partially identified)
Silver bracelet (possibly identified)
Indian rug from the late 1800's/early 1900's
Lamp statuettes (identified!)
Native woman painting
Painting with strange words (identified!)
Inlaid silver ring
Effigy pendant (partially identified)
Northwest Coast art print (identified!)

If you'd like us to post a picture for you, please send it to Laura along with the details of your query and she will take care of it. Good luck in your search!

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