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Native American Legends: Komorkis (Ko'komiki'somm)

Name: Komorkis
Tribal affiliation: Blackfoot
Alternate spellings: Ko'komiki'somm, Ko'komiki'somma, Kokomikeis, Kokimmikisoom, Kokomi kisomm
Pronunciation: In Blackfoot, similar to koh-koh-mih-kih-sum. The Anglicization is usually pronounced koh-mor-kiss.
Type: Goddesses, moon

Komorkis is the Moon, second eldest of the sacred Sky People. Komorkis is the wife of the sun god Natos and mother of the stars, of which the most important is Morning-Star. Komorkis is said to be the grandmother of several heroes of Blackfoot legend, such as Star-Boy.

Komorkis Stories

*The Story of Poia * Star Boy:
    Blackfoot stories about Komorkis' grandson Star Boy and her daughter-in-law's disobedience to her.
*The Moon and the Great Snake:
    Blackfoot story about a giant snake that was punished for flirting with Ko'komiki'somm.

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