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Native American Legends: Mother Corn (Atna)

Name: Mother Corn
Tribal affiliation: Arikara
Native names: Atina, Atna, Atina'
Type: Mother goddess, corn spirit
Related figures in other tribes: First Mother (Wabanaki), Selu (Cherokee), Mandamin (Anishinabe), Unknown Woman (Choctaw)

The Arikara name Atina (or Atna) literally means just "Mother"; the "corn" was added to her name by anthropologists because she was the goddess or spirit of the corn. According to Arikara mythology, Nishanu created the Corn Mother from an ear of corn and she became the protector of the Arikaras, leading them to their homeland and teaching them to farm.

Mother Corn Stories

How Corn Came To The Earth:
    Arikara legend about the origin of Mother-Corn.

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