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Legendary Native American Figures: Apisirahts (Morning-Star)

Name: Apisirahts
Tribal affiliation: Blackfoot
Alternate spellings: Iipisowaahs, Aapisowoohta, Iipisowaahsa, Aapisowaahs, Ipisoahs, Iipisowaahsi, Ipiso-Waahsa
Pronunciation: varies by dialect, but usually similar to ah-pih-so-wah-sah
Also known as: Morning Star, Morning-Star, Morningstar
Type: Hero, star

Apisirahts is the Blackfoot Morning Star, a hero of the celestial Above People. He is the son of the sun god Natosi and the moon goddess Komorkis. Morning Star's mortal son Poia (by other tellings, his adopted brother) is an important figure in the Blackfoot Sun Dance.

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Apisirahts Stories

*The Star Bride:
    The tragic love story between Morning-Star and Feather-Woman.
*The Story of Poia:
    Classic Blackfoot legend about Morning Star and his son Scar-Face (Poia).
*Scarface and the Sweatlodge:
    In this alternate version of the story, Scarface is the adopted brother of Morningstar, not his son.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Star Boy:
    Picture book telling the story of Morning-Star and his son Star-Boy.
Mythology of the Blackfoot Indians:
    Collection of traditional Blackfoot legends and folktales.

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