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Native American Legends: Old Man Coyote (Akba Atatdia)

Name: Old Man Coyote
Tribal affiliation: Crow
Also known as: First Coyote, First Maker, Old Man
Native names: Akba Atatdia, Akbaatatdia, Isaahka, Isaahkawuattee, Baakukkule, Iichikbaaalee
Pronunciation: ock-bah ah-tot-dee-ah
Type: Native Creator, high god, coyote spirit
Related figures in other tribes: Napi (Blackfoot), First Maker (Hidatsa), Earth Maker (Hochunk)

Coyote played the role of both Creator and trickster in Crow mythology. In some versions of the Crow creation myth there were actually two Coyotes, the Old Man Coyote who created people, animals, and the earth, and a regular Coyote who had adventures and got into trouble. In other versions, they were one and the same.

Old Man Coyote Stories

*Old Man at the Beginning * Old Man Coyote Makes The World:
    Crow myths about the creation of the world.

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