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Vocabulary Words in the Pit River Languages

Here is a comparison of vocabulary words in the two Pit River Indian languages, Achumawi and Atsugewi. As you can see the two languages have a high degree of lexical divergence.

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Pit River Word Sets

Click here to see Pit River vocabulary words compared to words in related Hokan languages:Hokan Indian Words

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English (Français) Achumawi Atsugewi
One (Un) Hamís Jiw
Two (Deux) Hak Hoqi
Three (Trois) Části Qiski
Four (Quatre) Hatáma Ha'qaw
Five (Cinq) Latú Haraapokina
Man (Homme) Yalyú Qaswi
Woman (Femme) Amitéučan Minuri
Dog (Chien) Čahómaka Ho'ma
Sun (Soleil) Čol Jineehaa
Moon (Lune) Čol Apeen'ajinehuu
Water (Eau) As Aji