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American Indian Biography and Autobiography

This page is our collection of links to biographies and autobiographies of Native American people. If you would like to recommend a Native American biography for this page, please contact us telling us why.

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Native American Biographies and Autobiographies
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The Names:
     Memoirs of Pulitzer Prize-winning Kiowa author N. Scott Momaday.
Lakota Woman:
     Mary Brave Bird (Crow Dog)'s autobiographical history of the American Indian Movement.
Prison Writings: My Life is My Sun Dance: * In the Spirit of Crazy Horse: * Trial of Leonard Peltier:
     Books about AIM activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier. "Prison Writings" is by Leonard himself, and
     he makes his own case eloquently. "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" is famous for the FBI's bizarre attempts to stop
     its publication (the courts didn't let them.) Neither of us has read the third one.
Life and Death of Anna Mae Acquash:
     Book about slain AIM activist Anna Mae Aquash.
Where White Men Fear To Tread:
     Controversial Lakota activist Russell Means' autobiography and history of the American Indian Movement.
My Name Is Sepeetza: * Out of the Depths:
     Autobiographies of two survivors of Indian residential schools.
Black Hawk:
     Autobiography of 19th-century Sauk Chief Black Hawk. This was narrated through a string of translators, so
     it's not 100% authentic as an autobiography, but Black Hawk's story is still compelling.
War Under Heaven: * Pontiac and the Indian Uprising: * Haughty Conquerors: * The Conspiracy of Pontiac:
     Good books about Chief Pontiac and the Pontiac Rebellion.
     Wrenching autobiography of Metis writer Maria Campbell.
I Am Woman:
     Literary autobiography of Metis author Lee Maracle.
Of Earth and Elders: Visions and Voices from Native America:
     Fascinating mosaic of interviews, essays, poems, and other musings from dozens of contemporary Indians.
Charcoal's World:
     Interesting historical examination of a Blackfoot man's clash with white culture and the law
Jim Thorpe: 20th-Century Jock:
     Good biography of the celebrated athlete, deals with the complexity of his racial status as well as his athletics.
Maria Tallchief:
     Biography of Maria Tallchief, the Osage ballerina.
The Morning The Sun Went Down:
    Good collection of autobiographical essays by a California Indian author.

Books About People From Specific Native American Tribes

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